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I don’t generally search long and hard for just the right mascara. Most of the time I will buy a brand at the drugstore and yes, it works just fine.
And then I started hearing about the
Bobbi Brown ‘Smokey Eye’ Mascara
and how fantastic it is. So, I tried it.

And I love it! Goes on smoothly, doesn’t clump (at all..) , is easy to apply to both upper and lower lashes, and has lasted longer than most. I just bought my second.


As to my brows…no, this is definitely NOT an item I have focused on or thought much about. Occasionally I will use some color on them; I get them waxed regularly. It has always seemed a bit superfluous and over-the-top to me to hear people obsess over eyebrows!

Not any more. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this small “tube” of gel color with the perfect size brush. I use the No. 1 which is the lightest.  So easy and quick to apply and the results are amazing. I know, I’m a little late to the party: but better late than never!
Try it…you will like it!


Last, but not […]