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So you’re looking for a new clothes washer.
This can be a confusing and overwhelming experience as there are endless models and so many opinions. I know, I just went through this!

Here is our old washer, installed circa 1993 by the previous owner. Do you realize that is 22 years? And, as far as we know, never a repair or service call. No, they don’t make them like that anymore… However, it had begun to make very strange noises and then, when our most wonderful friend and plumber came and took a look, all he could say was

“Libby, you’re pushing your luck each and every day you keep this washer in your house.” It turns out that not only was the washer about to go, but the hoses attaching it had blisters on them and could burst any minute.

Old Machine

Here are a few considerations that emerged from my experience:

Configuration: Top Loader vs. Front Loader

1. Overall View: This seems to leads everyone’s list and yes, there are many pros and cons for each type of machine. The cons of a front loader seem to be the issue of mold and sitting water. So many reviews of these machines, either on the manufacturer’s sites or Houzz or […]