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My “new take on garden tools” is this:
How do you garden if you have any (I mean ANY ) physical problems, aches and pains, are post-surgery, aging, have knees that don’t bend with quite the same ease, hips that creak, and any sort of arthritis.
That pretty much covers an entire range of issues, doesn’t it?

Well, maybe you are in one or more of those categories. I am! Having had hand surgery in early December I am almost back to normal, but not quite. And the knees creak a bit. And I am always aware of the elbow surgery of eleven years ago.

What are the options?

  1. Stop gardening
  2. Hire someone to do the gardening
  3. Investigate new tools that just might help


#1 is just not an option for me.
#2 no, not there…yet!
#3 Yes. I have done just that: I have scoured the internet and various companies for all sorts of
helpful garden tools that just might be useful to own and use.

Very first on my own personal list was a low stool of some kind. I’ve seen the various benches that show someone kneeling and working in a garden. Well, I don’t want to have to kneel! And those benches have a footprint of about 23″ long. Do you realize how difficult that would be to put […]