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It’s mid-October and time to think about cleaning up your garden!

With the unusually warm weather that many of us have been experiencing, it may be hard to think about putting the garden to bed for the winter. But we all know it must be done! So I’ve made a mini-checklist for you of autumn garden chores.

Here is my front garden…looking a little worse for wear as it begins to close down for the season.


Your Checklist to Ready the Garden for Winter:

  • Cut back your perennials. Yes, cut them down almost to the ground.
  • Be SURE to put plant markers in the ground to mark the spot for each plant. Many perennials will completely disappear: you will have no idea who or what was where!
  • Dig up and discard the annuals. No, they most probably will not come back and will only look very sad throughout the winter..
  • Fertilize your azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons and all acid loving plants.  I use Espoma Organic Holly-tone Fertilizer. It is the best for any acid loving plant. Read the label and see if it is appropriate for you. But do use it twice a year and you will definitely see a difference. My Encore Azaleas were just not blooming well […]