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When I first started gardening many years ago I didn’t keep track of what I bought, planted, my garden layouts or how my plants did that season/year. No, I was so eager to get started come spring that I just bought (and bought and bought…) and dug and planted and edged and hoped for the best! Well, it actually worked out quite well.

Here are some images of my early gardens up north in the Hudson Valley:

Misc. Shots 4.08 006_wm

Misc. Shots 4.08 007_wm

Misc. Shots 4.08 009_wm

Believe me, they didn’t always look this great…. this happened to be a banner year for me and was just before a party we had for my daughter’s graduation!

As I recall I would keep receipts and a few notes in my hanging file drawer, all thrown in together. It was okay, but not a great way to know what to do or plant for the next year. No, I relied, to a very great extent, on my memory. Well, that’s fine […]