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One of my latest garden book discoveries is
“Flower Colour Guide”

What a lovely book and one that will make you want to buy, plant, and grow all sorts of flowers! The detail in each photograph is amazing.




The flowers are divided into sections based on color, not name. I found this very helpful and really, just fun. The top name, as you can see here, is the English name with the Latin name  underneath.  As one who has trouble remembering the Latin names, this was perfect for me.



Toward the back of the book are these pages, again with flowers sorted by color, with small perforated stickers, labels on the right hand page (name is then on back) to use for reference. You could carry these to the garden center to help identify what you want to buy; you can tear them out, rearrange and see what combinations you might like for your garden; you could put them in your garden journal to remind yourself of whatever it is; you could put them on a seed packet or even on a plant label for reference. Any other ideas? […]