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Do you know “Maine Cottage“?

Maine Cottage designs, manufactures and sells furniture, all hand crafted in the United States. All kinds of furniture: from upholstered sofas and chairs, to dining room tables, to outdoor wicker furniture. And oh, the colors! How about “shrimp”, and “mango” and “buttercup” and “china blue”? They are truly luscious! Click on the link to take a look. The headquarters is in Yarmouth, Maine where they also have their main store; other stores are in Charleston, S.C. and West Palm Beach, Fla.  They also sell an exclusive line of fabrics, both printed and woven. Again, take look at some of the wonderful prints with names like “Grand Mum” and “Tweet Suite ” and “Dilly”.

One of my favorite things about this site, and company, is a video they produced about a year ago called “Finding Rhubarb“.It is of “thoughts on color” by their designer, Anita Dore. I just love it. It encompasses all I love to hear and discover about color! Thank you, Anita!