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Do you know about the Clarisonic products?
Do you use them?

What is it?
The entire line consists of various kinds of facial cleansing brushes.  You buy the brush and then add the appropriate brush head…for your skin type or problems. You can buy more than one brush head: they are interchangeable.
There are about six different brushes to choose from: the very simplest with one speed to a brush with two speeds and then a travel model.

I became a total convert about six months ago! I had thought this was just one product I did NOT need!!
Not so fast… They were having a big sale before Christmas so once again I took a look.

My skin aesthetic center had always recommended the line so I called and asked them exactly which model brush and brush head would be best. My skin is not bad, but it is aging! Indeed. Thus the reason I go to a skin aesthetic center from time to time. Ask me about this if you want more information: maybe, someday, I will reveal what I have done from time to time.

I bought the basic model: the MIA PRIMA



It has just one […]