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Holiday Time

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The holidays are fast approaching. How are you doing?

Each year that BIG DAY seems to arrive faster and faster. These days with all the on-line shopping we do… thanks to both Covid and the convenience of the world’s largest department store, Amazon, all we have to do is click that Paypal button and whoooosh….it ‘s done!

But I will tell you that my very favorite place to shop is Etsy. First, I really do try to shop local and/or small. Secondly, because I am an Etsy vendor I know how important each and every sale is.  And last, I think both the variety of goods and the customer service is unequalled .

For instance. There are two little girls I need to buy for. I won’t be seeing them at Christmas but they are the sweetest, cutest girls. Anyway, the older one was easy and done quickly at a makers market here in Chapel Hill. The younger one: hmmmm? Her mother said “Oh, some kind of bag or satchel or purse. She loves to carry cherished items around the house.”  Okay.  So off to Etsy to shop.

I mean, how cute is this? It’s 6 “x 4 ” and oh so perfect for those treasures!

It’s been a busy […]


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It’s almost holiday time and that means my Etsy shop,


is gearing up. I will be showing, and selling, in five different local markets but also have new products for anyone either at the shows or on line in the shop.

If you order from my shop between November 12-18 you will receive
20% off!!!  Yes, type in the code at bottom of this post to receive this discount.

Let’s start with my #1 selling product (actually these are tied for first place!)

Beltie Christmas Cards

Holiday Gift Tags When you follow the link you will see the cards with “Merry Christmas” on the front. Click on Options to order with blank front or Happy Holidays!

2019 Calendar

Every year this Calendar is in demand!
Thirteen pages: a cover page and one page per month. It comes in a jewel case holder that folds back and sits nicely on your desk. Easy to read. A perfect gift and stocking stuffer!


It also comes as a

Calendar Refill

You can buy just the pages and no […]


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Check us out!


You are invited to click on over and view my shop where I sell…how did you guess…paper products! I have had the shop open for a while, but as with any new enterprise there is always so much to do, so much to keep up with, orders to fill, upcoming local shows etc. etc. that somehow the announcement here on the blog was postponed many times. 

But now you are seeing it!

At OneNumberEight we do paper. After all, paper is how we connect! As you probably know I have been a surface designer most of my working life so this newest venture just makes sense. And while I love technology I also love paper. I keep a paper date book on my desk (but yes, I just recently started using the calendar on my iPhone…)
And I most certainly keep one of these on my desk:


This is one of my BRAND NEW PRODUCTS. Fresh from the printer.
(I have a fabulous printer here in Durham, N.C.!)

I love these jewel case calendars: they are so pretty on my […]

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