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What is happening in the garden this week?
We haven’t yet had a freeze…but they say it could happen tonight! So I went out and cut down the remaining zinnias. There is (almost) nothing worse than seeing zinnias and dahlias prone and blackened after a hard frost has hit them. No, I don’t need to see that. Better to cut them all and bring inside to enjoy this very-end-of-season color…..
Aren’t they gorgeous?
I added a pink Japanese Anemone and some lavender.
I have two lavender plants that are thriving; most of the others were hit very hard with so much rain and soggy soil so I’ve had to dig them up.
How about this lovely Michaelmas Daisy? Isn’t it charming, set in the green ground cover?
 One of my Guara plants. I cut them back in August and they have started flowering again.
And I love (if I may say so…) the way the light is streaked in this image!
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