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Lots of small things can add up to just the right large thing! Correct?

Traveling is made up of many, many small details. And oh so many small items that we
“cannot live without.”

When traveling overseas this item is TOTALLY necessary. The adaptor. And somehow they seem to get misplaced or, more often, left in the outlets of that far away hotel or apartment.
For my upcoming trip to England I thought I had at least three of these. WRONG. I could only find one in our house. “We’ll buy one in the airport,” says husband. Nope. They rarely sell individual adaptors: you need to buy a set of expensive, fancy, unnecessary world-wide adaptors. So off to Amazon Prime for me.
Don’t you love the lime green?

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Then we have this simple little beauty from Ulta which they call a pencil case. I bought one two trips ago and loved it, so just bought another. Not too big, but clear from easy viewing, the zipper doesn’t catch on makeup brush hairs, it’s deep and altogether just perfect! I use one for my make up and another for skin creams that are in awkward round containers (they are not lotions so won’t go into small travel bottles.)


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There seem to be some basic features, requirements, questions and choices for any trip overseas and on any airline. We all face the same problems as in security lines, over crowded space on any plane, what to bring and in what kind of suitcase. So here are a few additional thoughts I’ve had regarding travel.


1.  Once again, the carry-on vs. checked bag conundrum. If you haven’t already done so, take a look at the comments I received on the last travel post. Having had an airline lose all your luggage, as Cindy tells us,  (for five days..) would probably be enough to make me a carry-on person for life.  As it stands now, I figure that if I have a direct flight then I am fairly safe. This time, I did carry on from RDU to JFK as I knew in advance that it was “plane side” check-in. So then I would have only had that one direct flight to BCN. But I did the carry on thing instead. And, on the return trip I DID check from BCN to JFK as I knew I would be picking up the suitcase after customs and then do the plane-side check in once again to RDU.


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Don’t you love it when you find a product that REALLY helps to solve a long standing problem?

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Every time I travel, I struggle with how to put all those bottles, tubes, containers and makeup in the appropriate toiletry kit. I rarely carry on a suitcase, so what we’re talking about here is what goes into my checked bag. I’ve tried many types of kits: bulky fold overs, box-type, clear bags, opaque bags, all in one kits, and (to me, worst of all!) using up to six kits for one trip. Let me say, I really don’t think I travel with all that much! I try to follow all the “travel rules”– put shampoo, conditioner, lotions etc in travel size plastic bottles, buy the tiny tube of toothpaste and mini dental floss etc etc. Nevertheless, all those mini’s just DO add up.


It was a mess. Yes, those print bags make a cute set and yes, they do hold a lot. But bulky and awkward? More than over the top on that. That big square bag in the set is usually overflowing with all shapes and sizes of bottles and containers.

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