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It was time for another wonderful road trip to the coast of South Carolina!

This time our destination was first, to Charleston and then on to Beaufort
(that’s bu-fert), South Carolina.
(NOT to be confused  with Beaufort (pronounced bo-fert) North Carolina.

As I started writing this post and worked my way through all that we saw and did in Charleston I realized there was just TOO much to put into one post if I covered both of our stops. So, this week it is Charleston and next week will be Beaufort.

Let’s begin with one of the hundreds of beautiful gardens:

We arrived in Charleston for two nights and the weather totally cleared and warmed up. Thank goodness. The annual “Festival of Houses and Gardens” is sponsored by the Historic Charleston Foundation and runs each year for about a month. This year (you still have time to go!) it is from March 16-April 22.

Of course, garden gates are always a pleasure to see and photograph:

The Azaleas were spectacular. I hadn’t realized we would be there at their […]