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Rome, Italy

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When I received an email from St. Martin’s Press asking if I would like to review on the blog Elizabeth Minchilli’s latest book, Eating Rome,….well, it didn’t take me long to say  YES!

And I have another reason to be eager to read this book: read on to the bottom of the post!

This is Minchilli’s sixth book about her life in Italy.
The subtitle is “Living The Good Life in the Eternal City.”

Yes, it is about living the good life but there is SO much information in this book (especially to one who is not familiar with Italy or Rome) which makes it a valuable resource in many ways. Minchilli begins by revealing some of her personal story of how she arrived in Rome which immediately made me want to read more.

  • Minchilli, an American, tells us of her frustration, early on in her “Italian” life, of not having a cup of coffee à la American i.e.available all the time and always portable.
  • She readily admits that, no, she does not make her own pasta.
  • She has a wonderful description of her husband, Domenico, and his penchant for “bringing home the bacon” after finding, […]