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Not too many fresh flowers out and about these days! We had our first hard frost about four days ago, and what a scene it was in the morning. The Cannas… went from strong, vibrant green leaves and stems to these withered, limp, brown bunches of nothing. The Verbena, showing color one day, were struggling to remain upright the next. And the Zinnias: well, what can I say except that there WILL be lots of new ones next year!

But I have had fun cutting from my garden and in the neighborhood: so many interesting flower heads  and pods and seeds and twigs to choose from. I bring them into my kitchen, lay them out on a huge piece of construction paper and just play with layouts. Sometimes the individual pieces are the best. And sometimes a grouping works the best…it just depends.

Dried Twigs 1_wm

The Photojojo lens with the iPhone is perfect for this!

IMG_6715_wm Detail from the River Birch tree.


IMG_6761_wm Just a little bit of color left in the verbena bonariensis, one of the backbones of my garden.


IMG_6763_wm Can you just see the tiny web wrapped […]