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There are SO many choices on the market when searching for garden tools and accessories. Just when you think you have seen all the options for a particular item…wham…a new one comes along!

A Garden Hose

I’ve done a lot of research on garden hoses.
Several years ago I did two posts all about this very necessary item: HERE and HERE.
But, of course, some new models have come on the market. So let me show you a variety I found:

The Tuff-Guard Hose is 7 lbs. for the 50′ length

Tuff-Guard available from Gemplers.

This, the Heritage Garden Hose
is the lightest, weighing in at just 3 pounds for the 50′ length.

Heritage Garden Hose from Terrain.


The Dramm ColorStorm Water Hose weights in at 12 lbs. for 50′

The Dramm ColorStorm from Gemplers

This season I have been very unhappy with one of our three hoses. It sits in a big plastic container all rolled up but is VERY heavy and so hard to roll back into the box. It’s […]