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We took a short winter break to go down to Sanibel Island, Florida and then up to Sarasota to see friends. And I guess we chose just the right week: North Carolina had a huge snow, ice and power outage “event” that we were glad to miss.

These photos were taken at the
J. N. Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve
Have you ever been? It is beyond wonderful, so take a look at their site and try to go sometime in the future.

IMG_1510_wm Very peaceful reflections…and so glad the day was cloudy as it gave all the photos more depth.


Love the way the shells had taken on the green moss look in a particularly shaded, wet, sandy area in the preserve.

Captiva Shells_wm

Pelican floating on by:


Wonderful egret stalking its prey:


Loving the huge green leaves (no, I don’t know what this is..) with the yellow tinge at center:


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