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So many books, so little time!

I am not a big fan of audio books and have resisted Audible for years. However, yes, I succumbed to the audio version of:


Her voice is lovely. And her story so compelling. I have enjoyed each and every minute. I’m sure many of you have read/are reading this but I urge all of you to make time for it!


So many people have recommended reading anything by
Jodi Picoult
and I have finally done so!
This was my first and I will most definitely be reading more.
This controversial topic with the actual setting of an abortion clinic, is told from many different perspectives and actually works backward in time. It is absolutely riveting and compelling, no matter your opinion about this topic. I highly recommend.

I read it during my last long flight to London: a perfect sit-down-for-hours book.



Author Serena Kent is actually the husband/wife team of Deborah Lawrenson and her husband Robert Rees. I have posted previously about Deborah and one of her eight books:
The Sea Garden


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A few days ago (four to be exact) I posted about the “lavender harvest” in North Carolina at Bluebird Hill Farm.
The next day I received an email from one of my blogging friends, Deborah Lawrenson. Deborah writes one of my favorite blogs, and I featured her latest book, “The Lantern” on my blog.
DO go buy the book: it is W O N D E R F U L!!   We were discussing another subject, when she also asked me if it would be ok if she did a post on this lavender harvest in the U.S., and did I think Norma at Bluebird Hill Farm would be alright with it.
Fine with me, of course!
I wrote Norma who was delighted.
This morning Deborah posted, “Bluebird Hill Farm”.
The entire experience has been EXACTLY why I blog! We are all connected. We make new, totally unexpected, friends through these connections. Norma grows lavender but has never been to Provence. Perhaps she will go someday soon, and maybe, just maybe she will meet up with Deborah!
And it all started with Our State magazine featuring the story on Norma, and me being eager to investigate.
Happy Weekend everyone: […]
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