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May I present:
Camellia sasanqua

Isn’t she lovely? I don’t think this one has ever (in my four years in this house) bloomed this early in the season. But no matter. I am very pleased! She sits right out front for all the world to see and has many, many flowers and buds.
The bees seem quite happy to see her!




My red dahlias.
No, I don’t know what they are except that they have come down in my family for many generations! I carried the tubers down here when we moved and they are, for the most part, doing well. They are not too happy about all the heat, but I try to plant them in partial shade. After languishing all summer and the leaves turning blotchy and yellow, they have come out of “summer shock” and are now flourishing. We should have another month or so of warm weather so I hope to have more bright spots throughout the garden!


 And the white Japanese Anemones are always a favorite.





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Time to get back into the Friday Flowers routine!

I’m loving these Limelight Hydrangeas in the fall:

IMG_4902_wm Especially nice with the blue pot!




IMG_4917_wm And, a lone dahlia in my garden. No, it doesn’t quite measure up to those in England…but it’s been handed down for generations in my family so it’s special!


From my Instagram feed, I love this shot of autumn peaches…

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 8.54.47 PM_wm

Happy weekend to everyone.
We are celebrating our anniversary on Saturday, so it’s a special time around here!




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Update: It seems I was a day off!!!! I thought I was writing and posting this on a  Thursday evening….Well, it seems I must still be subject to jet lag, as I was  day early. Ah well, you all seem to be enjoying it, no matter!

 The Dahlias in England are spectacular!

I wasn’t prepared for just how prolific, healthy, lush, colorful and ubiquitous they would be in September. Some of these photos were taken at Sissinghurst Gardens and others at my friend Julie’s gardens in Suffolk.

I’m going to tell you the story of both these visits…. next week.
Sissinghurst was all I had hoped and wished for, and more. We got out of the taxi, paid our entrance fee, and the rest of the day was almost dream-like. The grounds are extensive, but just enough to do in a day and really see and feel all that there is. The skies were gray but then the sun would peak through and the temperature was in the mid 70’s: P E R F E C T I O N.

Later in the week I took the train up to Julie’s house. We had never met but became friends through our blogs and the BYW course we both had taken. Now, wasn’t that generous of her to […]

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