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This just came across my Facebook feed:

This is Andrew and Elizabeth Guppy, founders and owners of
Cotswold Walks

I cannot say enough good things about these lovely people or the tours they operate. I am dreaming, right now, of those wonderful gardens we saw during that very hot week last June! It was magical.

If you navigate to “Guided Walking Tours” and scroll down you will see “Cotswold Gardens.”



I know…we’re all thinking about the holiday season right now..but take a few minutes to savor these images of some of the loveliest gardens anywhere. Sit back, close your eyes, and breathe. And file this away to come back to in January when, perhaps, you are planning your next summer’s holiday.

If you look down below at Related Posts, you can read more about the tour!

Hope you have enjoyed this mini-break from holiday madness…


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Time to move along to the next installment of the
Cotswold Garden Tour.

While I would like to take you along for each and every garden and event we saw, it’s just not possible in this space. So I’ll limit this last post to a few of the gardens we saw during the second half of our week.

Let’s begin with our visit to
Broughton Castle, home of Lord and Lady Saye and Sele.

The entrance to the castle:

This turned into a very, very special event for all of us; more so than had even been planned!
We were taken on a very complete tour of the castle and then went outside to go on a tour of the gardens. At that point Lord Saye appeared and proceeded to chat us up…mind you, he is 96 and it was another hot and sunny day out in the gardens! What a truly delightful man. He was soon joined by his wife, Lady Saye who is equally delightful and SO knowledgable about each and every plant in this very extensive garden. The name of each different rose, or poppy, or peony was spoken to us as though she were reading from a […]


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English gardens.
Have you ever dreamed about this? Have you been?

I had been to what many consider to be one of the finest : Sissinghurst. Read about it HERE. That visit made me want  to see more! So for the last two years I have been dreaming and exploring ways to see other gardens in Britain.

And so it came to be.
I have A LOT to write about and show you in my two weeks in England! So I will break it down into 3 or 4 posts including garden tour days, some fun doings in London and travel tips and suggestions.

I actually signed up for a Cotswold Garden Tour.  Now I am back home full of ideas, images, an overload of information and many new friends.

I chose to go with
Cotswold Walks,
(this link takes you directly to the Garden Tour page, but be sure to explore the entire site)
a local company that specializes in guided and custom walks all over the Cotswolds. But they also run this Garden Tour one week a year. It is timed to coincide with the
Chipping Campden Open Gardens Tour
which are all private gardens only open to the public, and groups, […]


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I’m off in another week to England: three days in London, six days in the Cotswolds, and then back to London for four more days.

Here is just a small preview of some of the gardens on my tour in the Costwolds…something to whet your appetite and perhaps you will turn a bit pea green!

Our first day includes Hidcote Manor

 Kiftsgate Court

Three generations of women gardeners: that alone makes me want to visit.

and Campden House

This is the “white sunk garden”; just one of the many gardens in this private estate.

And this is only our first day!! It will be a true luxury to be with other “garden geeks” as my husband likes to call me. No, he will not be there!

My first three nights will be here at
Cotswold House Hotel and Spa
Let’s hope we return in the afternoons in time for tea…always my favorite time.

So there you have a short introduction to my upcoming trip. Oh yes, there is lots more of course. I’m seeing various friends and […]


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It’s getting to be that time…time to travel!

In a few short weeks I’m heading off to London. And from there I’ll be going up to
The Cotswolds
for a six-day garden tour.


I’ve never been to the The Cotswolds and often dream of seeing more English gardens. So… this will be a special trip. Husband had NO interest in doing this (gee, I wonder why??) and I am very happy to go alone. Our group is small: maximum of 15 people. We stay in whatever hotel/inn/B&B we want so I chose two really lovely hotels. I’ll be visiting Hidcote, Highgrove, Kiftsgate and more, including several small, private gardens.
I will definitely be showing you our itinerary and links to hotels etc. in future posts, so stay tuned.


After my six days I will head back to London for four more days. Both before and after the tour I will be seeing old and new friends from the U.K.. This will really be a treat! I’ve been taking courses, and am a member of,
where I have met SO many wonderful new friends. The “problem” is that most of them live in England; so this is a […]

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