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Container gardening is not just for summer!
I was going to wait until Friday for my weekly Friday Flower post, but decided this was more timely. You might want to do some last minute outdoor plantings for the holidays, using either some of my suggestions here and/or a combination of holiday greens. You can always add evergreen branches, holly, berries, magnolias or nandina to any of these suggestions!

IMG_5257_wm This planter sits on our front step.


There are four essentials for creating a container garden for winter:

#1. The correct container:

If you live where the temperature falls below 32°, then you must be careful in what container to choose. A terra cotta container, set out in your garden, may well crack with a cold winter. So what kind of container is best? A synthetic, man made container is my recommendation: they are lightweight and can certainly withstand any kind of cold! Fiberglass, sandstone, vinyl, and galvanized steel are some ideas for cold-hardy planters.

Another idea is to use a ceramic glazed planter or pot. The glaze will help to protect the pot from cracking during very cold weather. I use these here in North Carolina and have never had a problem.

A fairly new kind of container is Hypertufa. Do […]