COMFORTABLE WALKING SHOES (and not bad looking!)

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The question today is: how to find, and wear, comfortable walking shoes that don’t make you feel
a)like an old lady
b) as if you’ve just come from the podiatrist
c) so out of style you might as well go on home

Is this you?


I am of an age where we wore cute, narrow, good looking, expensive shoes no matter what. Oh, my poor feet. I lived in New York for years and those were the years that sneakers (yikes!) were only for weekends and bike riding. I bought the gorgeous narrow Italian shoes (albeit low heeled..) that eventually would ruin my feet. But oh, they looked gooooood!

Fast forward many, many years both in my life and the fashion cycle.  Now, everyone…I mean
wears some sort of soft soled, stretchable, slip-on/sneaker/trainer with even the “best” outfit. They are what we do these days. Well, it has taken me quite a while to feel I can wear these and still feel dressed. Do I long for my cute, slim ballet flats? Yes indeed. But can I wear them for any amount of walking or standing? No. So I have opted for slip-ons instead of tie-ups. They just feel a little bit better for me and now, there are so many options.

Here is the […]