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So many colors to choose from! Each of these items displays on the page so well, with its rainbow of colors.

First,these from the MOMA catalog and in their stores:

Rainbow 1

Masking tape: Who would have thought?

Rainbow 3
Love love love this necklace: see my earlier post of November 24.

Rainbow 2

Rainbow 4

From Crate & Barrel:
Rainbow 5

From Botanicus: This is my very favorite source for fragrant candles… I’m NOT a big fan of scented candles. period. But these are spectacular! My favorite is the Green Tea, and I believe it is their best seller. Also, these are MADE IN THE UNITED STATES! Right in Maryland.


From the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco:

I was here in October and saw the “Open Source Embroidery” show (there until January 24, 2010). I highly recommend it. And, their gift shop is a wonderful source for hand made accessories, jewelry, paper etc.

Multi color key chains:


Hand blown glass:

Rainbow 6

Bowls from Craft Museum

How about these kitchen helpers […]