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Since this is Friday Flowers day I thought I would show you two unique elements of several of the gardens we saw.

The first is the use of small, delicate..but and vines on stone steps. As Andrew, our tour leader, said several times: these are “redundant ecclisiastical stone.”  Perfect!
Of course the steps themselves are gorgeous with old, worn, often moss covered treads. Just so lovely!
Add to that these small flowers planted in between (and yes, tended very carefully to be sure) and the result is magical.







The second unique element is the rill.

A rill is actually a small stream, but in garden talk it becomes a “man-made garden canal”. A rill can define areas, it can create new garden areas, it can actually transport (on a small scale) water from one level or area to another.

These images, above and below, are at
Eastleach House Garden
Do go and visit the site as the images of the rill garden are spectacular!
This […]