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 Once again, let’s continue the “Mother Daughter Travel” series: this time it’s what to wear and take when you head for the airport.

I had first done a post on Travel Essentials before a trip to Provence. I’ve received so many personal emails in response to this post, and with further questions, that I thought it a good idea to update.


My first travel wear essential is still my black jeans. Then a top. A cotton scarf for color. A pretty necklace: faux or plastic works well in security lines. A nice big pashmina: if you can get one with some wool or cashmere , so much the better, for it will keep you that much warmer.

I carry an Hervé bag to put under the seat in front of me. Socks and cotton slippers are a must (don’t ever go into the bathrooms with just socks!)
And here I included my newest and greatest rain coat: from Merrell. I ordered it from Rue LaLa back in April and it is just perfect:  very lightweight; has a hood; nice deep,zip pockets; a two way zip closure; and it’s very stylish and feels great on.

Clothes for the Plane b_wm

Find it here:


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I’ve given a LOT of thought, over the past few years, as to what to wear, what to carry, and what to have with me when I travel to Europe.
Everyone has different requirements and we all have our own peculiar needs (!)… but I thought I would show just what works for ME.
More than anything else, you want to be comfortable. You want clothes that work for you. Airplanes, of course, have no space at all so you can’t think about perhaps changing any piece of clothing. Believe me, I tried that once, and never again. And even before you board “the big flight” you have hours of pre-flight time in these same clothes: connecting flights, a train perhaps, hours in the airport. So again,
I’ll show you my travel essentials, from the top down. Follow along here, look at the collage below, then keep scrolling for the source sites for each of these.
My pants of choice are Gap Stretch Jeans. They feel good. They don’t come down around your ankles when you are in the bathroom (!) and they always look fresh.
Next up is a comfortable tee shirt: this year I found a nice silky short sleeve shirt at […]
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