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 I’ve been feeling really good about WordPress and all the progress I’ve made in “settling in”. Until this evening when it all went out the window. I’m doing my homework like a good girl: I bought a book all about using WordPress; I’ve searched the web and have asked friends for advice; and I’ve downloaded those plugins. I experimented with the photos below, resizing them right in the post page here and actually getting that frame to work. Not bad for a newbie…

But then there are mysterious (to me) things that appear…or don’t appear. Why, oh why, did that paragraph above come out as single spaced? I had started another post and couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how to single space and then, voila!, it happened. Go figure. And where, oh where, did that custom signature of mine go? It just disappeared.

If you scroll down and look, almost at the very bottom, on the right you can see the beginnings of my Blog Roll. Remember, I used to have one? It was divided into “Design Blogs”, “Garden Blogs” and “French Blogs”. Hmmm. Well, it seems that here they all have to be manually entered and this will take some time. I’m actually using a different program/plugin than what you’re seeing on this page but I […]