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I use eye liner every day. In fact, I barely make it to the kitchen…or gym…or my morning walk without liner and some make up!
Yes, I consider eye liner one of life’s essentials.

I really cannot remember when this “habit” started: maybe in my 20’s? But then again, I’ve always loved cosmetics. I don’t actually apply a lot, but for as long as I can remember I’ve loved not only the packaging but the message.
My Mother used Elizabeth Arden. I can still remember the smell of the powder and lipstick and the thrill at watching her dress up and maybe, just maybe, putting some on me.

Recently I did my own, small (non-scientific) study of various eye liner pencils. My “style” of choice has been the retractable pencil. I’ve never been able to master the free flowing liquid liner, and pencils I find very frustrating with the endless “sharpening” with those tiny sharpeners that always seem to eat up the pencil in huge chunks.

About two months ago I went to Ulta to look at a selection of eye liners. I wanted all price ranges. Some brands were new to me, and others I’ve known, and used, for years. This was by no means exhaustive: I sort of bought and tried what jumped at me from the shelves.