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So many sinks to choose from!

Corian Kitchen Sink IMG_1877_wm This is one corner of our current sink. Read on to learn why I can’t wait to change it!

If, like me, you are considering replacing your kitchen sink, here are the basics you need to consider:

1. What material do you want? The most popular fabrications are stainless steel, natural stone (soapstone in particular), cast iron, composite granite and copper. Stainless steel is by far the most popular. This article in Houzz,
“Selecting Your Sink Material,”
explains it well.

2. What configuration do you want? Do you like one big sink or do you want it divided? There are MANY pros and cons of each, and each type has its fans.
For ME:  I do not want my drying rack to sit on the counter. That is probably the most important consideration for me. The sink we have now is split, 50/50, and the drying rack sits nicely inside the right hand sink. Perfect. But yes, it would be nice to have a larger sink on the left to do pots. As it is, we are squeezed into a small space. So, I was looking for a double sink but a larger one.

3. The installation type. This is how the […]