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It’s getting down to the wire and time to DECIDE:
Am I going to check a bag or carry-on?

Amazingly (to me..) I am definitely going to carry on my suitcase. And, even more amazingly, I did a trial pack and everything fits with room to spare!

My #1 reason, and what has made all the difference, are these:


screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-1-04-23-pm Eagle Creek Pack It Set

In particular, the “garment folder” in Medium. I folded 3 pairs of pants, a linen tunic, 4 knit tops, a lightweight sweater, a knit dress and a knit skirt; compressed them with the flat piece included; did the 2-way velcro closures tightly, and DONE. Nothing gets wrinkled or is out of place twenty hours later. And it’s all organized. I didn’t put my jeans in there as they were a perfect filler along the edge of the suitcase.

I had bought and tried the large size of this garment folder but found it was just too big. It didn’t fit across the suitcase but had to go in vertically so it took up an entire layer.

The smallest cube holds all my underwear, lightweight nightshirt, a totally crushable black “robe” I just found at Marshalls […]