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La Boutique Lane

is a unique, upscale, home furnishings boutique in the Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro, N.C.

Have you ever thought about opening a retail store? Sort of daunting, isn’t it?  Well, read about Sandra Siano and how she came to open one of the prettiest, most unique, inviting and well stocked stores in our area.

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I first met Sandra Deschamps Siano more than  a year ago while searching for a wedding present. Sandra’s store was then in a smaller space (she has more than doubled her space this year) but right away I knew this was a special home furnishing and accessory source.

It’s taken a while, but we finally were able to finish an interview; Sandra was very thoughtful in her answers and I think you will all enjoy this.

Me: What was your thinking/reasoning in opening the store? Had you wanted to do this for a long time, or was it sort of an impulse decision? Had you been in retail before? Did you know just what kind of store you wanted? 

Sandra:  I was in one of those (what I call ) “unlucky but lucky” moments of my life where everything was falling apart and life […]