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There’s a new restaurant in town!

Cafe Symmetry
in the Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro, N.C.

Cafe Symmetry 2_wm

The entire space has been renovated and updated. It’s light and airy and inviting.

It’s “cafeteria” style: you enter the line, pick up your tray and utensils, and order from the  young, helpful crew behind the counters.

The food is healthy and fresh with lots of salads and “cold sides” to choose from. All of these are available in 1-4 portion sizes, but I found that even the 1 portion size was enough to share. I’ve tried several, but I would say the Asparagus, Apples, Basil, Cabbage, Apple Cider Vinaigrette side was the best of all!

Here is a direct link to their menu.

Cafe Symmetry Collage_wm

Those colorful Le Creuset pots hold the “Hot Pots” i.e. hearty casseroles, both with meat and meatless and all served with rice.

The Paninis we haven’t tried yet…but the Gruyere, Fig Jam, Parmesan on Rustic Sourdough sounds mighty good.

For dessert we saw a delicious looking piece of Avocado Lime Cheesecake: a bit unusual, no?

All the furnishings were sourced and made locally: the eye-catching overhead lights, the resurfaced […]