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The garden keeps giving.

The weather has been warm and sunny with cooler nights. It’s dry so we’re still using the sprinklers, and everybody is very happy outside!

Here is my camellia hiemalis “Pink Serenade”. I just checked the tag and yes, it is fall blooming. My notebook also says I just planted it on 11/24/13, less than a year ago. It is very happy here in its new home! Here it is with one of
Kim Klassen’s textures in the background: I love the contrast of the green/gray leaves with the gray texture.
IMG_5046 filter_wma

 As for my nasturtiums…well, they were SO pathetic by the end of August that I pulled out most of them. And now I see the joke is on me: down here they begin to thrive in late September! The summer is too hot and the sun too strong for them until fall when the straggly looking plants kind of hop to and come alive and begin flowering. Note to self: plant seeds in a more shaded area and be patient!



And, of course, the zinnias.