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This is what I can see on any given day, just around the corner and down the block from where I live. It’s called Camden Park and it’s a centerpiece of our village.
Fashioned after an English-style park, we have this wonderful pond surrounded by trees, shrubs, flowers, bulbs and a new wildflower garden. There’s even a wooden bridge over the stream, and several wooden benches.

This park was one of the very first things that drew us to this village and made us want to live here.

IMG_7524_wm It’s really quite magical!


I took this picture earlier this week just after sunrise; yes, I’m up that early and off walking or at the gym. It’s my favorite time of day….in the spring and summer when the light wakes me up early.

IMG_7516_wm This is an original and still much used shed from the old farm here. One of the Beltie fields is beyond here so grain and hay are stored in the shed. Again, magical in this light!


And here is my latest and greatest trial flower:
Giant Allium schubertii


Sort of spectacular! I actually bought and planted three of them (they are best in groupings) but only one has […]