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The subject today is choosing a mattress!
It’s a mine field, right? How in the world do you choose the best mattress for YOU?

There are hundreds of brands at many different mattress and home furnishings stores. And then there is the on-line choice.


So, let me tell you my own story and maybe it will help you.

We had a foam mattress. It was the first of that kind we had bought and we bought it when they were fairly new and novel : read expensive and hard to find.

We paid a fortune for our queen size. Then we also bought a box spring to go with it which, when they arrived at our house, didn’t fit up the stairs so back it went to be redelivered as a “split box.” So we have two separate box units that equal a queen size. Are you with me?

We loved it! There was a slight issue with the warm feeling that many people feel: the foam somehow increases the body heat and sort of traps it underneath you. Well, luckily that problem disappeared for us with a week. We were totally sold on the foam concept versus a coil or spring […]