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We all do it. Everyday. It can be soothing and relaxing… or it can be a never ending chore.
It’s called “doing the dishes”.
Almost everyone has and/or uses a dishwasher, right? But then, there are always things that don’t go in the washer for one reason or another. Or, if you’re like me, you almost prefer to hand wash when there are only a few dishes or glasses to do.
Whether your kitchen space is grand or small, you will need a drying rack. Of course, there is the debate as to whether to put it on the counter or in the attached sink, if you have that choice. Either way, here are some ideas…. fun, colorful, practical (or not) that might get you thinking of something new!
Cute and bright:
Super compact:
Note the wine glass attachment here:
I like the knife block on this one; also the water “spout” on the side.