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It’s wintertime and dry skin seems like an epidemic. Many, many people suffer from it. It can be mild: an annoying itch here and there. And it can be severe: red, itchy spots, flaky arms, legs, back and the more you itch the worse it gets.
Sound familiar?

Here are some recommendations, gleaned from years and years of very dry skin and reinforced by some excellent tips and tricks from several dermatologists.

As an aside: I choose my dermatologists very, very carefully: it is the one doctor I see the most often and where I have had more “issues” than with any other. Nothing terribly serious, but I/we are always on the lookout. I visit her every three months.

And, of course, I have learned so much from so many bloggers!

1. Moisturize

This is the #1 priority. But, be sure to apply moisturizer just after bathing. While this may seem like a no-brainer, many people don’t realize the added value in applying lotion to already moist (and thus receptive) skin. Put it all over your body! Everywhere. I won’t get into the thousands of brands: you know they are out there so go and take a look.

Here’s a new (to me) great product: a wooden handled lotion applicator for the back. Finally, a way to get some lotion […]