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Recently I was in the market for a wool blanket.
Yes, a real wool blanket: not a poly blend, not cotton, and certainly not a down comforter.
(As I review this post it is now about 15° outside here: very, very unusual for this part of the country. Roads and sidewalks are simply not touched…so we are housebound for the duration!)

Comforters have become the go-to bedding item, haven’t they? I can certainly understand the appeal: they are warm, there is a huge variety of materials available and then a cover can change an entire look of your bedroom.

We use a lightweight down comforter on our bed. But we only use it in the winter and then switch out to a wool blanket, and then, in warm weather a cotton blanket.

So, I was searching for a REAL wool blanket… the old fashioned kind, for the twin beds in our guest room.

This is the one I ended up buying (or two, as they are twin beds) and am very happy with my choice.

It’s the Creswick Luxurious All-Natural 100% Australian Merino Wool Blanket.


I had tried comforters and they just didn’t work: too bulky and with a twin bed they would slide right off (so my […]