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A very short post today but I know you will like this..
My new, most favorite way to cook brussel sprouts is from….once again,

Here is the before:

I cut them in half. Spread out on a baking pan, mix in pancetta, add olive oil.
How easy is that?
Bake for 20-30 min.
And then add the balsamic which you have reduced to a thick syrup.

The after:

These are absolutely fabulous. There is nothing more to say. I’ve done them twice now (once at Thanksgiving when I mistakenly added the Balsamic vinegar before cooking). This weekend I made them the absolute, correct, by-the-book-way and they were just delicious. Be sure to leave lots of loose, stray leaves in the mix: they come out so crisp and tasty.
Again, here is the link to
Balsamic Roasted Brussel Sprouts

And for some more images and all about this great recipe be sure to check out
Alexandra’s Kitchen blog
I just discovered her blog and love it: wonderful photography and so many wonderful suggestions for all kinds of recipes. I recommend it.