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Are you wondering just where to begin in the garden this autumn?   I certainly do NOT have solutions to all your gardening issues, but maybe this guide will help.

It’s a tricky time of year. The garden is still producing (I’m talking only flowers here) with Dahlias, Asters, Sunflowers, Zinnias, Cannas and on an on.  But then there are also those perennials that are totally brown. To cut them back or leave them?

Rudbeckia that is well past its prime! To cut back or leave?

And the flowers that didn’t perform as well as you had hoped: was it the soil? Or maybe too much or too little water? Heat? In the wrong spot?

Believe me, we ALL have questions and problems with our gardens, no matter how experienced we are.

Once upon a time these were gorgeous pink phlox! They bloomed for a longer time this summer but are now so bedraggled…

Let’s set up priorities for your garden and for you:

1. Pull out…yes, be ruthless… all those half dead annuals. They are only going to get worse! No, they are not about to make a comeback.

2. The perennials whose blooming season is over: see my picture of […]