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Are you a boot wearer? Are you a fan? Do you wear them all the time, some of the time or occasionally ?

I am a recent convert!

I was never really into boots. I know there were times when my poor wet feet wished for a nice pair of sturdy, waterproof boots only to be forced into a pair of slightly damp but oh so good looking ballet flats. Not good, right?

Then last winter I was fitted for orthotics for my just-slightly-off-center walk. I had to find something to wear that would fit with the orthotics inside. Off to Nordstrom!

I found Munro. I can tell you, the Munro ankle boots I bought, the Lexi, are, without a doubt, the most comfortable foot wear I have ever had. No kidding. I can actually walk for hours and not feel a thing. So I am a devoted fan of the brand.

I put together a few options for you…and have included #2, the Lexi.

Ankle Boots #1. #2. #3. #4. #5.


That was last winter.
This year, still needing the orthotics, I thought I would begin my search for high boots. I like a very classic […]