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What do you wear on your feet in cooler weather? Are you a fan of boots?

I’ve been having all sorts of issues with my feet so that my shoe of choice, ballet flats, is no longer an option for me. But, of course, I needed to buy something to see me through the winter. My first thought was boots: but tall or short?

The trend in boots is to ankle booties. Do you wear them? Do you like them?

Take a look at the great assortment shown here on Adrienne’s blog,
The Rich Life on a Budget
Each month, in a post titled “How I Wear My…..,”  Adrienne asks readers to submit pictures and a short description on a specified fashion item or look. This month it was “booties” and I submitted!


First of all, let me say that I have trouble even saying the word, “booties.” It’s just…well…it’s just one of those words! For me, “ankle booties” is much, much better.

Secondly, I had never even considered the look until this winter. Nope. Not into it. But in December I picked up my pair of newly prescribed orthotics and set out to find that pair of shoes or boots that would be right. I very reluctantly said goodbye to the […]