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Third in my England travel series:  London’s Liverpool Street Station to Stowmarket.
I was off to visit my at-that-time-still-unmet-friend, Julie. Julie and I (in case you’re new here and haven’t already read about this…) became friends totally through the internet and our blogs.

Yes, another fine example of the power of social media! Please, take a look, and subscribe if you feel so inclined, to
Peonies and Posies: Indulging Floral Passions.

Julie is not only one very talented lady, but she is charming and warm and hospitable and generous…as is her entire family. I spent two nights in her lovely Georgian house and was shown many gardens, met new people, taken on the River Cam in a punt, ate dinner at
The Packhorse Inn in Newmarket (which reminded me of The Milk House),  had lunch at Wyken Vineyards, and visited with Kate Denton, a member of The Royal Society of British Sculptors.

This is my public thank you to Julie and her entire family.

So, first up let’s take a look at Cambridge. I’m just showing you a very few images, but you get the idea. King’s College. Well, I expected to hear the choir at any minute begin the ethereal and magical Christmas program…but had to be satisfied with imagining it!

The […]