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This is one hot spot in the ‘hood.


This unique “chain” of hotel/museums has, at last count, five locations.
I was part of a private art tour and lunch at the Durham, North Carolina hotel. It’s right in the center of the revitalized downtown area with DPAC (Durham Performing Arts Center) just a few blocks away and many really fine restaurants in the area. Parking is not a problem…

It’s actually 21c Museum Hotels. Yes, it is, in a sense, a museum. Actually, it’s a private art gallery, showing only modern, 21st Century art (hence the name.) All artists whose work is exhibited must be living.
Sort of unique, isn’t it?

21c Durham lobbyIMG_9187_wm Part of the lobby, here showing the work of Lalla Essaydi of Morocco.

“21c was founded by Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, contemporary art collectors and preservationists who have a passionate belief in the power of innovative and thought-provoking art to transform communities. Brown and Wilson founded 21c with a mission of broadening the audience for and deepening appreciation of contemporary art.”
The collection is open to the public, free of charge, and is accessible at any time the hotel is open.

Then there is the hotel of 125 rooms and suites. We were shown, […]