How do you feel about deviled eggs? Yes or no? The term "deviled" was originally used in the States back in the mid 1800's and referred to any food that was spicy. Over time, and certainly after WWII, the spice was dropped and the eggs became ubiquitous and popular everywhere. But there are, of course, many different ways of both preparing and serving them. They are an absolute staple of Southern cooking and entertaining! Living in the South for the past nine years I have certainly served my share of deviled eggs...and now have started to look for the plates made to serve them. No, I am not looking to make a huge collection;  a few fun and whimsical plates will do just fine. When I spotted this cute plate at an antique store in Washington, N.C. a few days ago, I couldn't resist! How cute is this? The next question might be: how do I like to make my eggs? Split your eggs in half lengthwise (just in case you didn't know this!) I use Duke's Mayonnaise: a Southern staple. Mustard and sometimes chopped Cornichons. Salt and pepper mixed in.     I always sprinkle some Paprika on the finished eggs. My Mother did it this I do.   Cute, isn't it? I would also highly recommend that book shown in the [...]

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A cotton coverlet is a joy to behold, and to sleep under! Do you use one? So many beds are now covered with a duvet which is then covered with a removable cover. Well, we tried that route. And tried again. And found it just was NOT for us. A faux-down, or real down comforter/duvet sounds wonderful especially if you live in a cold climate.  But we found that the lightweight cotton cover somehow made the wrapped duvet very heavy and cumbersome. It was worse with a faux down than with the real thing...but back in those days we had a dog (who, yes, slept on the bed!) who was allergic to down. In any case, it didn't work. I opted to try the "old-fashioned" way: a cotton coverlet or, dare I use the word, BED SPREAD! I grew up with these but oh my, they went out of fashion.  What goes round, comes round, as they say. And now, we have quite a nice selection of all cotton coverlets and bedspreads to choose from!   Below is our current bed situation! Classic white quilted coverlet: mine from Linens 'n Things many years ago! Antique bed tables (two: each from very different sources but they almost match!) A classic table lamp Custom made fabric headboard with nailhead trim   From Serena & Lily. [...]

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If you're new here or haven't followed me for very long you may not know my Etsy Shop ONENUMBEREIGHT If you look to your right you will see a small preview of some of the items! But let's talk about what is NEW Calendars This is brand new for 2020! A wall calendar, 6" x 6", with each month showing one of my Flower Portrait images. All are on a soft but dramatic textured grey background. It's printed on a nice heavy/but not too heavy gloss paper.  It measures 6"x 6" or 6" x 12" when fully open. There is a hole at top for you to hang the calendar.     My most loved item: "Jewel Case Calendar" This has been my #1 selling item for three years now! It is available as the full calendar in the plastic jewel case but also as a refill. If you already have the case, just order the refill!   And these NEW NOTEBOOKS Each notebook has 50 pages with a double sided envelope in back to help keep you organized! Spiral bound with a heavy waterproof cover, they have either lined or graph pages. Your choice. I have designed them with a brand new graphic: each one is colorful and contemporary and sure to be noticed! This, the Hibiscus Notebook, is the best seller so [...]

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Let's start with the definition of 'Breton Shirt' : The Breton shirt was first made for the Royal Navy in 1858. It was thought that by wearing this uniform sailors who went overboard would be much easier to spot. Each shirt had exactly 28 stripes: one for each of Napolean's victories! Then, in 1917 Coco Chanel incorporated the look into her nautical collection and, as they say, the rest is history. They were an immediate success and have not really changed much over the years. New fabrics and new, expanded colors have all become popular. Some are long sleeve, but the short and three-quarter are just as popular. Boat necks, round necks and v-neck are all available. There are many, many versions out there. I have done a round-up of some of this season's most popular and easily accessible here for you: #1   #2   #3   #4     #5   #6   #7   #8   This one ships from France but arrives within 7 days! A true Breton look.. HERE   Love this look with the shoulder detail. I had never heard of this shop: HERE So now you know all about these  iconic shirts. Are you going to buy one?

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One of the best garden blogs around is The Middle-Sized Garden Yes, it is based in the U.K. so of course discusses gardens over there. But the information is, I have found, so very universal. Plus, I come away with so many new places I want to visit! Go to the home page and look around. See what you think. Last week Alexandra did a video chat all about growing dahlias. Listen to how the Brits pronounce this flower: dahlias with the 'a' being a long one. Do you like it? I found this video talk so informative even though I have grown dahlias for years. But watch it until the end: I love the way they discuss companion plants for dahlias. I've now started thinking of next spring and making certain I plant some sun loving dahlias right with my cannas. Somehow I never saw those two together before!!   This is the only dahlia I've grown this year...sadly. These came to me from many family generations and I do treasure them! I dig up some of the tubers each fall but also leave some in the ground for the winter. In this climate it doesn't really seem to make a difference (sigh of relief!) It's a busy time in the garden...but oh, it is looking so ragged. The zinnia leaves have mildew [...]

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Unless you are local to this area of North Carolina you probably do not know the name Big Bloomers It's an enormous flower farm, retail garden center, and home of so many plants of all sizes and kinds that it can be totally overwhelming. But if you ARE local, then you need to get over and down there. Annuals, of which there are thousands (?) are more than half price off.  They even have healthy petunias in nice size pots for $2.00. My flowering cannas, Chocolate Sunrise, were $6.95 each. I didn't take any pictures while we were was just TOO HOT to do much of anything. I was on a mission to buy plants and DID accomplish that! All this for $40.00. Pretty pink portulaca for my hot western rock garden. They had been, and are everywhere else, $3.95. Marked down to $1.00.  You just can't beat the prices, and these are all very healthy plants. I asked how long the sale lasts: until they sell out and then the pansies start. Yes, pansies!

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