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In the month of February I won not ONE, but TWO giveaways!

First up was a wonderful giveaway from Kit at Chic Provence
Kit was offering a set of 4 linen napkins from Rough Linen
You all know I love fabric and table linens, so this was a natural for me to enter.

And I won!

napkins Here’s the promo picture


Napkins_wm And here they are in my house


Then I entered the giveaway at From The Right Bank
Ally was offering a really cool Pixo Desk Lamp from Lamps.com

And I won!

Screen-Shot-2014-02-11-at-11.59.10-AM-595x672 The promo image






It is really cute…. and well made….and the light is perfect….and I use it every day
and I love it!

Not a bad month for me.




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This week, Friday Flowers is the subject of the photography course I am taking ,
Frugal Still Life Photography
from photographer Cheryl McCain.
How I arrived in this course is another example of the power of social media and staying connected. I learned about it, by chance, from my on-line friend Nina who mentioned it on Instagram. How do I know Nina? I’m pretty sure it was from another great course, Blogging Your Way. One thing leads to another with social media which is what pleases me and keeps me connected!

Cheryl states that included in the course is:
8 separate segments of the workshop where I share a different Still Life image and share my techniques on creating the image, including pull-back shots of the setup prior to shooting
My goal is to show you how to create lovely images without spending an arm and a leg to do so. 

We’re now in Week #2 and this week it’s all about cropping and space. Although flowers were certainly not the required subject, I had just bought this wonderful bunch of yellow tulips (my favorite flower) and with the brown paper, they seemed the perfect choice.

IMG_3258_wm ISO 800 f/8 1/13sec.

 Above, in my first image, I left […]


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Amanda Gates, owner of the interior design firm AB Home Interiors and podcast interviewer par excellence, had asked me several times if I would be interested in doing a podcast/interview with her. I demurred, not sure if I was up to the task. Finally, I said yes and here is the result.

Amanda and I discuss the role, and career choice, of being an entrepreneur, the world of design from the 80’s to the present and how licensing has changed, the role of women in the workplace, and the ups and downs and successes and failures of being an entrepreneur. I really, really (!) enjoyed talking about all this and I hope you will find it interesting. It’s long…so settle back and listen. (I actually think it gets better toward the end!!).

We had fun doing this (lots of chatting via Skype beforehand) and I have to say I really admire Amanda’s calm way of speaking and her understated way of asking pointed questions. Well done, Amanda!

Listen to the podcast for

Design 101: Interview with Libby Wilkie 


 And take a look at Amanda’s blog, featuring yours truly:

Below is Amanda’s introductory paragraph, click on the blog to read more.


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 I’ve been feeling really good about WordPress and all the progress I’ve made in “settling in”. Until this evening when it all went out the window. I’m doing my homework like a good girl: I bought a book all about using WordPress; I’ve searched the web and have asked friends for advice; and I’ve downloaded those plugins. I experimented with the photos below, resizing them right in the post page here and actually getting that frame to work. Not bad for a newbie…

But then there are mysterious (to me) things that appear…or don’t appear. Why, oh why, did that paragraph above come out as single spaced? I had started another post and couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how to single space and then, voila!, it happened. Go figure. And where, oh where, did that custom signature of mine go? It just disappeared.

If you scroll down and look, almost at the very bottom, on the right you can see the beginnings of my Blog Roll. Remember, I used to have one? It was divided into “Design Blogs”, “Garden Blogs” and “French Blogs”. Hmmm. Well, it seems that here they all have to be manually entered and this will take some time. I’m actually using a different program/plugin than what you’re seeing on this page but I […]


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I’m here!

To all my followers who receive email updates from me: I’m sorry about the email sent to you today, Saturday! It seems that one goes out, automatically, to confirm that all is in working order.

Well, sort of working order. Do you see all those links below? I have no idea why there are so many, nor how to delete them! I did, however, install two plugins (don’t you love that word?) all on my own: StatCounter and Akismet, the anti-spam plugin. So I feel quite accomplished for the moment!

This is going to require some relearning and rethinking and a lot of time. And, as everyone is very busy with their own lives at this time of year, it makes good sense for me to slow down on posting and concentrate on the back end of the blog. Of course,  I will do this in all the free time I have!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend… We have rain, but I know many of you have snow.

This is our front door this evening: the “tree” was my Mother’s and dates back to the 60’s.  I know she loved it and would hang it in our front hallway each year.

Traditions continue…


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The day has finally arrived!
Today, Thursday the 12th,  this blog will move from Blogger.com to WordPress.org
Don’t worry…if you don’t understand the geek talk, just look below.
You might, at some point, have trouble accessing my blog. I really don’t know just how this is going to play out. 
Tanya at Blogelina is in charge!

Thanks for your patience during this move. It’s also going to be a steep fun learning curve for me, and this seemed like the best time to make the move. And then, of course, comes the fun part: redesigning the graphics and colors and fonts here.
So stay tuned!

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