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Today’s flower subject is Amaryllis.
How do YOU feel about them? Do you like them? Do you grow them?

I’ve only grown them twice, in the very distant past. But this year I was given one by Marian St. Clair who stayed with us for the night while giving a (fabulous!)
talk to our Garden Club.

There it is! “Cherry Nymph”, kindness of Marian.

Because I was/am fascinated by this plant, I decided to do a daily photo journal. Would you like to see? Read on…..

I planted it in soil on December 12 and, because I didn’t read instructions carefully (sound familiar?) I put it in a cool, fairly dark spot. NO  NO NO!  Nothing seemed to be happening, so thanks to Longfield Garden, I moved it to a warm, sunny, bright spot with lots of sun. And so it flourished . I didn’t start the photo journal until I really had something to show you, which was the day before Christmas, December 24th.

And then, on the 24th I noticed ALL the pesky fruit flies around the plant and in the kitchen . Oh yuck, what […]


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A “museum day” in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The offer came via email from The Ackland Museum, of which I am a member, while we were in France. I emailed them to yes, please, reserve a place for me.

The itinerary was: first stop at The Mint Museum, then walk to lunch at Mimosa Grill, then walk across the street to The Bechtler Museum, and finally, by bus, to a private house to see the stunning contemporary art collection in their house designed by their architecture daughter specifically for the collection. Quite a day!

I’ve only been to Charlotte once and that was to a different part of town: you can read about that trip HERE.


First stop: The Mint Museum Uptown which is “the oldest art museum in North Carolina.” More specifically, we went to see the exhibit “Women of Abstract Expressionism.” What an absolutely fabulous, ground-breaking, visually overwhelming show. It is, of course, focussed solely on women painters in America from 1945-1960. Most of them I knew something about, had seen their work, and had studied them in Art History courses. But a few were new to me: Jay DeFeo and Perle Fine were […]


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Instead of a Friday Flowers post I thought I would “give” you this fabulous recipe.

Peach Clafouti


Do you know Chez Bonne Femme?

It’s a blog all about France and cooking with some travel thrown in, written by Wini Moranville.
I have her cookbook
The Bonne Femme Cookbook
and have made many of her recipes.

To print out, or download, the recipe you will have to go this link:
Colorado Peach Clafouti à la Bonne Femme


I just made it (it’s mid-afternoon now) and the two of us have eaten almost half!!
It’s REALLY GOOD, y’all. (And so easy to make…)


I’ll be back on Monday with some travel updates, so check back here.

There’s more:

This is one delicious breakfast treat…just had a slice with my tea. Thought you might
like to know…

Final Signature


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We inherited two Hydrangea macrophyllas when we bought our house.
Both had been here since the house was built in 1992 and were doing well. But, unfortunately for my taste, one was pink and the other white.
I longed for a true blue Hydrangea…you know, the kind you see by the dozen at the Jersey shore! I had never tried to grow one in the Hudson Valley as everyone said it was a losing battle. Hmmmm. I’m not too sure that was true.

Nevertheless, in my partly shaded courtyard I am the proud Mama to a pink and a white.

Do you know why they can be different colors? It depends on the pH of your soil: my soil is, obviously, high pH and thus has little or no aluminum. A soil with high amounts of aluminum (and low pH) will produce blue flowers.

This spring I decided to track my large, voluptuous, almost decadent, pink Hydrangea over time. Here are four time images:








I am thinking about trying to change the color to blue. Yes, it is easier, and possible , to change pink to blue and very difficult to do the reverse. […]


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Just in case you don’t know: tulips are my favorite flower.
And these are no exception.


Here is the description from the John Scheepers Catalog:
“A Temple of Beauty sport also known as a Lefeber Tulip, Perestroyka is a large, Lily Flowering-shaped beauty in a magical combination of currant-red and coral-orange with raspberry flames atop a sunny yellow base.”

I was surprised, and pleased, at the variety of colors here! Each flower has a slightly different coloration and combination of corals, pinks, yellow and cream. And then when they open (scroll down) they are so pretty as the petals seems to get larger and open.


Above is the true-to-color image of these lovely tulips. And below, well, I couldn’t resist a Lightroom Preset Moody-ish. Yes, these are done with a preset, but really, the colors in each flower are so varied..


And another of the Perestroyka in the kk_5 Friday preset.


Below are some Spring Green and Dordogne from John Scheepers along with Renown from Blooming Bulbs.

tulips IMG_7241-1_wm

These are the more classic tulip shape and […]


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Are you a boot wearer? Are you a fan? Do you wear them all the time, some of the time or occasionally ?

I am a recent convert!

I was never really into boots. I know there were times when my poor wet feet wished for a nice pair of sturdy, waterproof boots only to be forced into a pair of slightly damp but oh so good looking ballet flats. Not good, right?

Then last winter I was fitted for orthotics for my just-slightly-off-center walk. I had to find something to wear that would fit with the orthotics inside. Off to Nordstrom!

I found Munro. I can tell you, the Munro ankle boots I bought, the Lexi, are, without a doubt, the most comfortable foot wear I have ever had. No kidding. I can actually walk for hours and not feel a thing. So I am a devoted fan of the brand.

I put together a few options for you…and have included #2, the Lexi.

Ankle Boots #1. #2. #3. #4. #5.


That was last winter.
This year, still needing the orthotics, I thought I would begin my search for high boots. I like a very classic […]

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