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Have you tried to find just the right small, cross-body bag? It’s difficult!

I’ve used a cloth one for a few years. When do I use it? Well, when traveling I like to go out early in the morning to take pictures and to walk. But of course I want my iPhone with me, and probably keys, a license and some cash and a credit card. The necessaries.
But I do not want to be burdened with a large purse; and pockets are hard to come by.

Here is THE solution:

Find it on Amazon


It is, without doubt, the most perfect small cross-body bag out there! I had ordered from Anthro, from e-bags; I had looked at small stores at the mall; and had scoured Etsy. Who knew? Just go to Amazon and start a search!

The reviews were fabulous. Many people commented on the lovely, high-end packaging and I totally agree. From the handsome box to the fabric storage bag, this is quality.

And the price?$31.99. Yes, you read that correctly. And it’s available in nearly ten colors.


And this, y’all, is […]


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Each week I await the arrival of the on-line garden magazine,

For all you gardeners out there, and all the garden geeks:

If you don’t know it, let me introduce you!
Such totally fabulous, gorgeous photography. Each week is just one subject and each week reveals beautiful images.
It is an on-line magazine written by award winning landscape and garden designer, Dan Pearson and additional writing and photography from his partner, Huw Morgan.

Last week was all about tulips.

So many, many new ideas for my tulips! He lists ten different types of tulips planted this year, with delicious, gorgeous pictures. I’ve already made note of those I will be ordering.

Today, by coincidence , I was reading my Gardens Illustrated which had just arrived and saw an article about The Delos Garden at Sissinghurst and Dan Pearson’s task to give the garden a new lease on life.
Here is the article from Dig Delve: scroll to the end to see mention of the redevelopment of the Delos garden. Having been to Sissinghurst before these developments, I am now dying to go again!

Hope you will take a look at Dig Delve and subscribe […]


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I talked about my search for comfortable walking shoes back in February
in this post.
I was, or so I thought, headed to London to spend a week with daughter and then see friends.
Not to be.
My foot problems were SO excruciating that I couldn’t possibly get on a plane, stand in any immigration line, take the Tube and stairs involved, or ENJOY MYSELF.

I did, however, get those wonderful Kurus:

These have got to be the most comfortable shoes ever, and are made for those with Plantar Fasciitis (which is what I have had for almost seven months now…. ) They are fabulous and I cannot recommend them enough. When worn with these inserts:

Available HERE


My next update is the OOFOS flip flops:

Oh my are these heavenly. I wear them every day, anywhere. I use them as slippers. I never, ever go barefoot but reach for these instead. The support is really quite amazing …

I have ordered and tried so many different shoes..and have come back to Vionics.
These are really comfortable, the leather is soft, the velcro at back is adjustable and maybe, […]


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Coastal South Carolina, or the Low Country, is a lovely part of the Southeastern United States. For years, when we lived up North, we longed to explore this entire area. And now we live just a few hours away!

The Spanish Moss is alive and well:

spanish moss in Beaufort SC

One of our very favorite places is Beaufort, South Carolina.
Just to get you in the mood of this place….here is a short video I took early one morning.
Be sure to turn up the volume to hear the birds!


We stay at
City Loft Hotel
which is right in town and perfect for exploring (they have bikes) and close to so many good restaurants and shopping!


So many flowers at this time of year:


There is nothing quite like life at the beach, right? We spent a day at each of these:

Hunting Island State Park
Edisto Island 

Beaufort SC Beach

The wooden boardwalk through the marshes was fabulous: so peaceful and quiet and we certainly hit just the right time of year. It was warm but not too hot; very low humidity (although my hair was […]

COMFORTABLE WALKING SHOES (and not bad looking!)

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The question today is: how to find, and wear, comfortable walking shoes that don’t make you feel
a)like an old lady
b) as if you’ve just come from the podiatrist
c) so out of style you might as well go on home

Is this you?


I am of an age where we wore cute, narrow, good looking, expensive shoes no matter what. Oh, my poor feet. I lived in New York for years and those were the years that sneakers (yikes!) were only for weekends and bike riding. I bought the gorgeous narrow Italian shoes (albeit low heeled..) that eventually would ruin my feet. But oh, they looked gooooood!

Fast forward many, many years both in my life and the fashion cycle.  Now, everyone…I mean
wears some sort of soft soled, stretchable, slip-on/sneaker/trainer with even the “best” outfit. They are what we do these days. Well, it has taken me quite a while to feel I can wear these and still feel dressed. Do I long for my cute, slim ballet flats? Yes indeed. But can I wear them for any amount of walking or standing? No. So I have opted for slip-ons instead of tie-ups. They just feel a little bit better for me and now, there are so many options.

Here is the […]


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Did you know? Monty Don received the
OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire).

Here is Prince Charles awarding the medal at the ceremony last December. 

You know how much I admire Monty Don and for me, no one better deserves this honor than him. This man’s personal voyage and how he has transformed gardening for millions of people is nothing short of amazing and yes, even magical.

If you want to know even more about this man, take a look at his Facebook Page!

And, of course, he has a blog titled simply, Monty Don.

And read this:

How about a trip to Provence to meet Monty where he filmed part of the
French Garden series!

It’s a tour organized by BBC Gardeners World, June 3-8.  Now wouldn’t that be fun?


“La Jeg” sculpture garden, one of the highlights of the Monty Don/Gardeners World Tour!

And, of course, the very best way to keep up to date is to watch
“Gardeners World.”

The program, produced by the BBC, has had a rocky time being shown in the U.S. It was available then it was not, due to […]

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