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Have you noticed something new on each blog post?

I’ll show you.

You will need to click on a specific blog post, like this:
(click anywhere, but not on the red P that comes up)

Unknown-1 Go ahead, click right on the image and you will go directly to that post.

Scroll down to the bottom and you will come to this:

UnknownThen come back here!

What do you see?

1) Thumbnails of related posts. This has been here for a while, but I just wanted to remind you of this very useful feature.

2) All those different colored buttons at the bottom. This is called “Shareaholic”. What to do with them? Well, you can share the post! Send this post to your Facebook page to share with your friends, share on Twitter, Pinterest etc. , or email the post .
This is how word gets around. It is how we, as bloggers, can have a wider audience. So, try it, you’ll like it.

3) I am in the process of updating my Blogroll. I have deleted blogs from that sidebar list that haven’t posted in more than two months. I feel that my readers, you, want to […]


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I have a question for everyone who reads this blog.

Some of you, my readers and/or followers, comment on various posts. You know who you are!
And I, like almost every other blog author, love to receive your comments. Your comments come in on the post and are visible when you click the round red dot at the top or bottom of the post.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 5.14.22 PM
In addition to this, all comments also come in to my email inbox so I see them right away.

My question to you is about my response to your comments.

Which of these two do you prefer:

1) To have me respond directly to you via email?
2) To see my reply just under your comment, on the blog post?

I’ve been thinking about this , and looking at many other blogs for what seems to be the preferred  and popular way to respond to comments. While I do not respond to each and every comment, I do go through cycles of ways of responding, with the personal email response coming out ahead.

First, let me say, that commenting in general […]


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The new design is live! Look around you at the changes.

Over the past few years I have come to realize the importance of periodically redesigning my blog. When the blog no longer reflects you or your style, it’s time to get going with some changes. How often this will occur varies with each person and blog, keeping in mind that a blog is on the one hand, very personal and on the other, very public.

I’ve just finished this entire redesign process with the absolutely invaluable help of Shari at Little Blue Deer.  In addition to moving from a Blogger platform to the self-hosted WordPress, this redesign involved many decisions, many sceenshots, many emails, a lot of design discussion. I thought you might be interested to follow along in this process.

Some of the elements common to all blog design are color, typeface, graphics and overall layout and appearance and it is these I will show you in my redesign process.

#1. The Header

That header, right up there at the top of the opening page, has to be YOU. You have about three seconds to grab a reader’s attention when they click on your blog and that header image can be a make-or-break item. Do you want a […]


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We’re all looking back at 2013 and ahead to 2014, right?

So I took a look at my most popular posts for the entire year of 2013.

Popular = how many hits/clicks/views a post generated in the one year, up to December 30, 2013.


Skin Care: Bloggers Speak Up!



A “Must Make” Cake



Travel Essentials: What to Wear

Travel Essentials 1

These posts cover a variety of subjects, but it would seem that all of you, my readers and followers, like to discover  products that work, ideas that other women bloggers have tried and liked, and you want to learn what is new.

 The Skin Care post was a joint project with Kathysue of The Good Life of Design.  I had wanted to do this post and, in asking other bloggers if they would like to participate, Kathysue had suggested a […]


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So much to do.
Do you feel that way?
Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the “holiday” season for most of us and life gets very hectic and busy, causing anxiety and a general overload. Who agrees? In our house we have always tried to downplay these holidays. My birthday lands just before Thanksgiving and my husband’s is just after and yes, this can cause us additional angst. While I love to celebrate my day, he is just as happy to barely have it mentioned. No, I am not kidding. No mention of that day would probably be fine with him…but, of course, I just MUST mark the day in some small way. I remember when we met he was just turning 30 and his Mother had a birthday cake delivered to his apartment. Was he happy? Indeed not! So, I learned very early on to not make a big deal of the day…

To add to the potential “whirling dervish” syndrome, I have been enrolled in a fabulous, wonderful, enriching course given by Holly Becker of Decor8Blog. The course is:
“Blogging Your Way: Intention and Style”.

While I can’t go into details about the actual course (you will just have to enroll!), I will tell you all that I have learned […]


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Have you heard the news? Google Reader is closing on July 1.
Don’t worry: if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then close out of this post!
But for any of you who may still use this service, you will no longer be able to access it in order to read all your favorite blogs.
What to do?
Migrate your blog feeds to another reader.
This is perhaps the most popular. You can access from any device.
Again, popular. But you won’t find all blogs on here: unless a blogger actually has a Bloglovin’ account, they cannot be found on this reader.
This is my favorite. But it is only available for iPad and iPhone. Very easy to navigate, to read, to add feeds etc.
A perennial favorite, I log on many, many times a day.
Ok, now we’re getting a little techie, right? But if you’re up to it, go and explore!
This may just be the easiest of all: simply type in your email address to this box (over there on the right on my blog)  and you will be assured of receiving all my posts.
I am NO expert on this, but just wanted to warn those of you who only use […]
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