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It’s been quite a while since I have posted a

The time has come to introduce you to

Here is the Starter box you get with all three bottles. This time I used Essie “Geranium” for my color.

I was on vacation last summer and went to a lovely spa for a manicure. This new-to-me nail system is now my #1 and only nail product I use.
I have dry skin which translates to dry nails and cuticles. Polish just never, ever lasts more than about five days…at best. It chips so easily no matter what kind of base, brand of polish, or top coat I use. And no, in case you ask, I cannot use any kind of synthetic i.e. acrylic nails as I am allergic to them.

It was a never ending problem.


This is amazing stuff! There is an entire protocol and sequence to using this.

1. First, on dry, clean nails you rub on, with cotton pad, the Nail Prep.

2. Brush on a generous coat of Base. Be sure to, as they instruct, “encapsulate” the nail by brushing the end/edge of each nail.

3. Allow this to […]


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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, so let’s get a jump start!
Whether you are looking for a present for someone else, or perhaps for yourself, here are some fun ideas. I’ve tried to keep the selection in the “flower” range, with, obviously, some red or pink. And I’ve included a variety of price points.
I hope there is something for everyone…

Let’s start with some flowers. But no, not roses (or even tulips) but some dried amaranth flowers in pretty pink:

Find them ~here~


Succulents are everywhere, including many Valentine gift sources. Here’s a cute idea:

Available ~here~


I’m always on the lookout for unique iPhone cases: there are SO many out there. This Etsy vendor has a great assortment, including this very pretty watercolor:

Find it ~here~


Just so lovely. These vases come in a variety of sizes and the pale design lets the flowers shine.

Find them ~here~


How about 80 (yes, that’s eighty!) Anemone stems!

Find them ~here~


Here is a […]


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It’s almost holiday time and that means my Etsy shop,


is gearing up. I will be showing, and selling, in five different local markets but also have new products for anyone either at the shows or on line in the shop.

If you order from my shop between November 12-18 you will receive
20% off!!!  Yes, type in the code at bottom of this post to receive this discount.

Let’s start with my #1 selling product (actually these are tied for first place!)

Beltie Christmas Cards

Holiday Gift Tags When you follow the link you will see the cards with “Merry Christmas” on the front. Click on Options to order with blank front or Happy Holidays!

2019 Calendar

Every year this Calendar is in demand!
Thirteen pages: a cover page and one page per month. It comes in a jewel case holder that folds back and sits nicely on your desk. Easy to read. A perfect gift and stocking stuffer!


It also comes as a

Calendar Refill

You can buy just the pages and no […]


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Is this possible? Can a woman of a certain age find a stylish, contemporary, fashionable shoe that is also comfortable?
By the time you reach my age… six decades…almost everyone has some sort of foot problem!

The search started with this yummy pair of wedge sandals:


Somehow I kind of fell in love with them! A little dressy, straps not too thin, nothing climbing up the ankle (!) , solid hemp sole and great, versatile color.

 Out of stock 😥😥   So time to move on and get serious with more shopping, right?

Let me show you a few alternatives and what I finally ended up with.

I like these…a lot…but they were a bit too sporty for what I wanted.

Corso Como Beeata at Zappos


Yes…BUT…. again too sporty and just not really stylish.

El Naturalista at Zappos



I like these. A bit ’70’s ish? I think I had a similar pair back in the day. But a nice look!

Ralph Lauren Cecilia at Zappos


Great looking and probably […]


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Are you running out of space to keep plants indoors? Or, do you want a compact and space saving way to keep smaller plants outdoors?

Look no further! Plant stands have come a long……way since the mid-century days of your Mothers and Grandmothers! Now, don’t get me wrong: I love those vintage plant stands with metal curlycue feet and maybe painted a pale, dusky yellow. They have their time and place.

But I’m also seeing SO many wonderful contemporary plant stands, many made with sustainable wood and lots of new design ideas.

Let me show you my favorites and why:

I love this! The zinc is so good looking. The tray is removable. The stand is light and not bulky at all; it would fit anywhere. And with green foliage, it looks fantastic. Also comes in a variety of shape trays.  Buy it HERE


This is one versatile and wonderful way to have plants indoors or outdoors. I love that you can actually put soil in the tray and grow your plants right there. Or, you can put pots in it. And for all the succulent lovers out there…isn’t this great?   See it HERE




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 Do you know
Graf Lantz?

I posted about this company just last July when they had a special sale.

I had wanted the Hana Tote in orange but, too bad, it was sold out. So I bought this Teal Blue:

The bags come in this reusable heavy cotton sack!



Graf Lantz is offering all my readers

Just click that highlighted link above and you will be taken to the website.
Full disclosure: I will also receive a coupon for 20% off my next purchase if you buy through that link. 

So, it’s kind of a win-win for everyone!  Remember, these products are MADE IN THE USA!

And, I will tell you, I just love my bag. It’s my second tote from this great company: well-made, quality materials, fast shipping, great customer service and always gets lots of compliments.
Let me know if you order!

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