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Finally, we are in our apartment! We’re on the Ile St. Louis in the heart of Paris. Yes, sorry to say, it’s just about perfect…

Our apartment  is on the second floor in an early 18th century building, overlooking the Right Bank and the Seine. We are watching all the many tour boats go by. The leaves are fluttering on the trees in the front of the building. Nice trees, full grown, but light enough to allow a full view of the river, and the quai on the Right Bank. 

This should be quite something at night, to see the lights on the river and across it, and to feel the breeze in our sleeping loft upstairs.

Here’s the view from where I am sitting, typing, right now:






When we arrived:



I.M. Pei’s Pyramid at the Louvre:

We spent hours outside the Louvre and Musee des Arts Decoratif, walking in the Tuileries, sitting on the grass, eating and people watching. There is something about this pyramid that is almost mesmerizing…the first time I saw it, after hearing about it for years, I thought “No, this just isn’t right and no, I don’t go for it at all”. Well, I’ve really come round…now I find it fascinating. The juxtaposition of the very new […]


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It’s that time of year again…

I’m talking about the Maison et Objet Show in Paris!


Last year was my first time attending. It was an amazing experience. Aside from being in a foreign country…the show is a complete delight. It is easy to navigate and just so chock full of visual delights at every turn that at first, of course, you feel overwhelmed. But take it easy: stroll a bit, get your bearings, stop at one of the most civilized cafes or restaurants and have a glass of wine or espresso…and you’re off and running!

Here, from their website, are previews of some of the different halls:




You can read about last year’s experiences here and here.

But this year! What a treat! I am meeting up, first, with Delana of the blog DuJour. Delana and I have become fast friends; she lives in Aix-en-Provence and has wonderful stories to tell in her blog. She writes well, has lots to say about her observations of her almost two years of living in France; very amusing and witty indeed! Anyway, we have become friends…and may even have a little business in the making…and are looking forward to our “meet up” in Paris.

Then, I was invited […]


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This second part of Michele’s post on the St. Laurent exhibit in Paris concentrates on his use of color. We see the bold, new colors he “discovered”; we see his use of fabric swatch cards…hundreds and hundreds of them…..

Michele says: ” Like poetry, color feeds my spirit; it sings soothing little ballads but also shouts overwhelming and inspiring speeches. It is a constant companion, a lover – filling my canvases, guiding my lens, and pours from my pen. As a driven apostle, I want to share its beauty and power.”

on to the show:

Yves Saint Laurent’s ball gowns were my favorite part of the show; they combine his elegance and purity of line with palettes of candy-colored hues. A celebration of unexpected colors that transcend beauty and exude self-confidence.

MC _ YSL 17

MC - YSL palette COLOURlovers 10-1

I like the classiness of B&W, but Color makes me vibrate – it inspires me and just puts me in a really good mood. Ironically, YSL encountered some resistance and criticism as he dared to use color in a way that broke the rules of traditional design.

Traditionally, Haute couture evolved within relations of formalities based on harmony, nuance and compatibility.

But, when St Laurent first visited Morocco, he had an epiphany; he discovered the […]


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Today I am introducing a Guest Blogger: Michèle Coppin

Michele was born and raised in Belgium but graduated from both the Rhode Island School of Design and Pratt Institute. To read about Michele’s painting and see a portfolio click here.

I met Michele through Beehive Studios’ blog Color Buzz. Color Buzz is sponsored by Valspar Paints and features stories by Michele and the three other partners of Beehive Studios. I have always loved their posts for their variety, the displays of color involved in every story, and the attention to detail. So when Michele offered to write a post about the St. Laurent exhibit in Paris, I jumped at the offer!


Michele reports:

While in Paris recently, I saw the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective at the ‘Petit Palais’.This exhibit is fabulous and delicious like icing on cake! (Paris being the cake)

MC - YSL 1

Covering forty years of amazing creation, the show demonstrates that Yves Saint Laurent was one of the greatest artists of the century – an innovator and a true visionary.

MC - YSL 2

The first part of the exhibit is primarily focused on form and starts by explaining the designer’s importance to a generation of women who consider wearing pants normal attire.

Indeed, many of Yves Saint Laurent’s garments were inspired by men’s tailoring at a time […]


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Well, actually, this drink is not limited to France! 

It’s been hot for many of us, so here is a “cool” idea:

    In France these are known as “syrups” or sirop. Un sirop au citron (lemon syrup) is my favorite on a hot day.  Order a Perrier and syrup: oh so… refreshing. They are all good, but somehow the tart lemon just hits the spot. 

These, the true Monin brand syrups are not easy to find in this country. I buy mine at Zabar’s in New York: they have a huge selection and are always well stocked. But you CAN buy it on line here and here. Beware: they are expensive to buy on line although you save if you buy in quantity. Try and find a local retailer! 


At home I use club soda and then maybe one or two ounces of a syrup. Stir. Maybe add some fresh mint. 

P.S. I did go to Zabar’s on line and they only show three flavors. You might try calling them for specifics.



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Have you ever been to the beach in Paris?
This is Paris Plage. I know, you may remember a similar post I did last summer…but for the uninitiated, do take a look! You can sun bathe, play volleyball, people watch, eat, and even swim …by the side of the Seine. Remember, it can get HOT in Paris, and they definitely do NOT indulge in the amount of air conditioning we are used to here.


Watch the video below and relax at the beach, in Paris. It goes on for at least 8 minutes, but think of it as your short (very short!) vacation in Paris!
The city of Paris sets up and opens “beaches” by the Seine, for six weeks each summer! Complete with sand, chairs, pools, even water sports. Three different locations along the Right Bank. It’s been, I think, eight years now. When this was first proposed it was considered by many too frivolous and, who would actually put on a bathing suit and sit in “imported” sand in the middle of Paris? Well, it now gets so crowded by noon that it’s impossible to find a chair (you can bring you own…) and all […]
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