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On Friday I told you I would have an announcement today.
I do.
It’s not a totally h a p p y announcement.
I am sure you have seen, well, I certainly HOPE you have seen, this:
My very wonderful business partner, Delana, and I have decided to close down our store.
We can’t do it any more.
The cost of importing our fabulous, colorful, unique rugs is just too prohibitive for us to continue.
Our partnership is truly the result of only-these-days social media.
We met through our blogs. I saw her mentioned on another blog (now defunct) and we started our on-line friendship. And somehow, after many “conversations” and emails, we realized that each of us had always wanted to import something (what???) from France. You see, Delana lives in France; in Aix-en-Provence to be exact. And I had seen these rugs several years before, brought some back for myself and family, and was looking for a way to bring them over here and sell.
And so it came to be.
We met up in Paris and realized right away that not only would we be good business partners, but that we were developing a real […]

Come Join the Party

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It’s Saturday, May 28 and today is a slightly different kind of post: I’m linking up to the party over at Castles Crown and Cottages! Anita has invited us all to show our own images of Paris to “get a TOTALLY DIFFERENT view of this 
MAGNIFICENT CITY”. Go on over to Anita’s blog, scroll down, and see the list of guests. Then look around for their very individual take on Paris!

Here’s the invitation:

Anitas Drawing sized









Paris September 2009 012bC

Just a few of the hundreds of images I have taken of Paris. You can see more here and here and here.

Thank you Anita, and thanks to everyone for coming on over…


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A few weeks ago I did a post on linen and the story of how it is produced in France.

Now, to me, this was a very special story and video. I know, not everyone is as into linen as I am! But there are a few of you out there: one of them being my friend Tammi of CoutureWindowFashions blog. We have recently become friends. Tammi introduces herself by saying:

“Having a passion for design and beautiful fabrics led me to the place where I am at today…. Taking my love of couture in clothing and transferring it to draperies has been very fun.”

  Tammi knows fabric! So, when she saw my post and the video she wrote and asked if she could use it for her own post on linen, and antique linen, and a story about her mother-in-law and her love of linen.

Naturally, I said yes. 

Little did I know what a fascinating story it would be!

Please, I urge you to go to Tammi’s blog and read on.


This tablecloth was made by Tammi’s husband’s paternal grandmother. Just amazing.



And the best part is that these linens are being used. That is, after all, why they were made. If you have linens, antique or otherwise, please, do not just […]


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Belle Inspiration e-magazine just might be your answer!

This magazine celebrates the French “Joie de Vivre”. 

“Belle Inspiration is your  rendez-vous with good taste and style.”  So, for all you Francophiles out there, and for anyone who wants something just a bit new, and romantic, and visual, and full of information, take a look. They’re even offering a two-for-one subscription for the Holidays!

Here’s a sneak peak at the newest Holiday edition: 


Belle Inspiration is brought to you by Mimi Bleue of Bonjour Romance.  I met Mimi in Paris last September at the “blogger meet-up” at Les Deux Magots. It was one of those rare opportunities to actually meet some of the bloggers with whom I have “talked”. Seems like ages ago now, but it was a special evening and Mimi and I had a short, but fun, talk!

Do go and take a look at her blog and at the e-magazine where I know you will find lots of inspiration and ideas.


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The park being the one and only

Bois de Boulogne

Just days before this we had finally made phone contact with Claude. Claude is a very good friend of our very good friends from the Hudson Valley. They met and got to know him when they all lived in San Francisco, several lives ago!

Quoi dire? Claude is a true Parisian; born and bred. He lived in San Francisco where he was part owner and chef of a restaurant; when it closed he moved back to Paris.




Then, there is the restaurant “La Bagatelle”, and this is where we met Claude for Sunday lunch. The day was perfect: sun/clouds and just the right temperature for eating outside.

Here’s a short history:

Marie-Antoinette waged that the Count of Artois, who had bought this property in 1775, could not turn it into a park in 64 days.

Belanger designed it and Thomas Blaikie built it, to the day’s in-vogue anglo-chinois taste.

Bagatelle park and chateau only barely eluded obliteration during the Revolution, but a string of owners altered them considerably. The orangerie, gates and stables date back to 1835, and the guard’s lodgings were built in 1870, along with the Trianon and the two terraces.

The City of Paris bought this gem in 1905 and entrusted its […]


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It’s late and I have so many pictures to organize and emails to write so here is just a small sampling of what I saw and did today…

Somewhere in the 5th; brick is an unusual site:



In the garden on Rue de l’Hotel de Ville:





In Le Jardin des Plantes, one of my favorite haunts:



And finally, some red wine and sweet, huge figs before dinner:


I’m joining the party at:


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